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D. E. Society’s SMT. Subhadra K. Jindal College of Nursing, Pune

Ethics Committee

An independent body constituted of medical, non-medical, scientific and non scientific members whose responsibility is to ensure the protection of the rights, safety and well- being of human subjects involved in the trial by reviewing, approving and providing continuing review of trial protocol and amendments.

Functions :

  • • To provide competent review of all ethical aspects of the project and undertake review free from bias and influence
  • • Provide advice to all researchers on all aspect of safety and welfare of the participants of the research
  • • To protect dignity, rights and well-being of all the potential research participants
  • • To ensure universal ethical values and international research standards in terms of local community values and customs
  • • To assist in the development and education of research community, responsive to local health care requirements

Members of Ethics Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Mohan Zambare Chairman
2 Dr. Ashok Bhoir Representative from Basic Medical Science Area
3 Dr. Vivek Patwardhan Clinician from another Institute
4 Dr. (Mrs) Rohini Honap Legal Expert
5 Shri. Prashant Kothadiya Representative of NGO (Shrushti Foundation)
6 Ms. Deepti Gangawane Philosopher
7 Shri. Rahul Kedare Pharmacologist
8 Shri. Sandeep Tikone Lay Person
9 Mrs. P.U. Mary Secretary